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[18 Feb 2018|07:05pm]

This place is fucking boring.

I need to get some more weed. My stash is fucking gone. Fuck it.
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[15 Feb 2018|11:21pm]

[ music | "Taking Back Control" by Sparta ]

I'm disappointed this year. No loud, obnoxious protests about ripping my wings off and feeding me to Cerberus? Come on...

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[15 Feb 2018|10:00pm]

[ mood | sad ]
[ music | "Silence" by Blindside ]

My heart is so heavy right now. I'm usually good at knowing what to do when others are scared or hurt, but right now I'm also just as scared and hurt. We must protect each other. My view of the world right now is a sad one.

[Over the last few months Jonah has tried to figure out if he can move on without Emma---he finds he's just too desperate, and that is an uncomfortable place for him to be in. Considering how it was a love arrow that put him and Emma on this fast track to a relationship in the past, he felt empty this year. Was loving someone always so blind? He looked up to the sky in a silent prayer, wondering if God had forsaken him. Had he been abandoned?

Later he sent Emma a text, extending an invitation to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He was sure he was going to disappear if he didn't see her again.]

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[13 Feb 2018|11:09pm]


[ mood | apathetic ]

I'll try to be here more.

Sorry guys.

Anyone want to write something?

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